Glamping West Midlands
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Glamping West Midlands Health and Safety Policy

Since these days no one is allowed to use their own common sense, we are forced to push Health and Safety advice down your throats to ensure that you stay is pleasant, safe and free from injury.

Please read and follow the Risk Assessments found in each Glamping unit, in particular with regards to the instructions on how to cope with the Wood Burning Hot Tubs

If you are unlucky enough to do yourself an injury, there are First Aid Kits in each accommodation and we will transport you to Hospital if necessary.

Please keep a close eye on your children. The animals are extremely friendly but they are still Animals and therefore can be unpredictable at times.

We are trusting you to use common sense and really want you to have a great stay, so Stay Safe!

1. Using Log Burner
  • Getting Burnt

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Low

  • High
  1. Only adults to light log burner. and feed logs
  2. Children to be warned to keep away from fire.
  3. Use fire guards at all times.
  4. Fire extinguisher available in yurt.
  5. Only use wood in the log burner. Never use charcoal inside the yurt as it produces Carbon Monoxide.
  6. Ensure Carbon Monoxide alarm is working.
2. Using Gas Camping Stove
  • Getting Burnt
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Low
  1. Adults only to use stove
3. Barbecues
  • Getting Burnt
  • All
  • Low
  1. Adults only to use barbacues.
  2. Do not use barbecues when under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Have fire extinguisher close to hand.
4. Low Door of Yurt
  • Banging head on top of door frame
  • Adults and tall children
  • Medum
  1. Owner to advise of hazard.
  2. Ensure you duck when leaving the yurt.
  3. Soft edge to be placed on door frame.
5. Slippery Decking
  • Decking is slippery when wet
  • All
  • High
  1. Advise everyone.
  2. Keep clear of moss and mould.
6. Fire Pits
  • Getting Burnt
  • Everyone
  • Low
  1. Adults only to start the fire in the fire pits.
  2. Children to be supervised by adults if adding wood to the fire pits.
  3. Fire guards to be used around the fire pits at all times.
7. Hot Tub
  • Scalding
  • Everyone
  • Low
  1. Read instructions on how to use the hot tub.
8. Animals
  • Getting bitten
  • Getting kicked
  • Getting pecked
  • Getting trodden on
  • Getting chased
  • Everyone
  • High
  1. Children to be supervised at all times when near the animals.
  2. Children to be warned not to walk behind the horses and donkeys.
  3. Children must never chase the animals.
9. Lakes
  • Drowning
  • Children
  • High
  1. Children are not to go to the lakes without adult supervision.
  2. No swimming allowed in the lakes.
  3. Deep water and dangerous undercurrents in both lakes.
10. Electric Fences
  • Getting Shocked
  • Everyone
  • High
  1. Electric fences to be labelled as such.
  2. No one to touch the electric fenceses.